ArtOnes provides a full range of collection management services to our clients, working with experienced collectors and new collectors alike on acquiring culturally relevant works of art. Our main focus is to address the development and management of their collections and in giving guidance on investment in the global art market.




ArtOnes seeks to find artworks for corporate clients that meet their company’s aesthetic vision and requirements. We help to showcase artworks that are both complementary and enriching of their existing collections to create an inspired environment. Our due diligence includes valuable market insight that offers us access to sought after artworks of utmost quality and condition with provenance and authentication records that back the investment criteria and retain and appreciate in value over time. 




ArtOnes has supported many public museums through donations of outstanding contemporary art. In Canada alone, the company has placed over 2000 pieces --  including major collections -- in some thirty museums. These works have received Certified Cultural Property status, one of the country's most prestigious cultural designations. 


ArtOnes offers institutions that are committed to art and arts education the opportunity to acquire exceptional works of fine art for their growing permanent collections. We are happy to work with institutions and their affiliates to source works that bring them to the forefront of Museum Exhibitions internationally.

our succession strategy

The Art of Collecting


Collecting art is a purposeful, directed, and long-term commitment that meets its greatest potential when a master plan is in play. The process that ArtOnes has adapted employs effective researching and evaluation of individual works of fine art for longevity and investment. Meanwhile, the selection process is carried out as thoughtfully as it is strategically, so that ArtOnes is able to create symbiotic relationships between artworks to form meaningful collections. 


Committed to monitoring the art world at large, ArtOnes stays on top of the market and trends. By maintaining worldwide relationships with artists, private collectors, galleries, and private dealers; attending global art fairs; and diligently pursuing marketplace research, ArtOnes asserts itself as a key player in art and investment. Through this combination of knowing the marketplace and maintaining long-standing relationships with all members of the art world, ArtOnes has the ability to access exclusive artworks at the right time and for the right price. 


Art, Provenance & Succession 


An artwork’s value is closely related to its provenance. For this, the ArtOnes selection and buying process involves careful due diligence, which includes purchase history and appraisal value. Through our wide network of resources, ArtOnes is able to confirm the legitimacy of any artwork that becomes available to us for authentication, ownership and value purpose -- all before we place an offer or make an acquisition. Because the details of ownership history can lead to an increase or decrease in value of the artwork, our provenance tracking is of utmost importance to us. 


Each piece of art is carefully appraised, with all pertinent details on the condition and history of the artwork documented. Cataloguing your art collection adds inherent value by granting quick access to all the details surrounding your collection. This ensures that if you decide to sell, make a charitable donation to an institution, or pass your estate on to a family member in the future, ArtOnes has already built the foundation to ensure a smooth and lucrative process.


Comprehensive Assessment of Collection

Art Valuation

Art Valuation for Insurance Documentation (Minor and Major Unforeseen Damages)

Project Planning and Collaboration


Art Analysis and Due Diligence


Custom Frame Design and Production

Professional Art Handling (Packing, Crating, Delivery 

Installation and Shipping Locally & Internationally)

Collection Documentation, Catalogue Content & Design

Collection Development and Management

Estate Planning

Exhibition Curation and Design


in brief, we handle these areas:

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