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Andrea Hauser - Lead Art Advisor 


Art is powerful. What it can portray is vast: political perspectives, historical memories and profound personal viewpoints. Pleasing to the eye, it can also simply be met by an appreciation for beauty…and fun. The impact that art has on our world demonstrates its effectivity as a tool to bring awareness before us and unite people through a shared, meaningful experience. 


Andrea’s interest in art began as a child when she was lured into the visual narratives of the Renaissance. With this as her stepping stone, her passion for art ushered her into an appreciation of the Modern Masters; from Vincent Van Gogh to Picasso, a starry night or a glimpse at the history of Guernica — the stories kept unravelling before her eyes and her approach has since been shaped by living artists who help expand the narrative. Canadian born with Austrian heritage, Andrea loves to travel, with New York as one of her favorite art hubs. The Neue Galerie for German and Austrian art is Andrea’s go-to — where she is moved every time that she stands in front of Kirchner’s Berlin Street Scene.


Andrea is committed to investment portfolio development when consulting her clients and strives to provide works of art that maintain and appreciate in value over time. Her focus lies in serving and satisfying her clients and ensuring she can share their personal vision with them from start to end. Most importantly, though, she loves to share the stories that art offers us all.